Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ayumi K. Piland

My dad gave me this super adorable card on my birthday and I HAD to find out if she had more art. I immediatley fell in love with all of her work, its so cheerful and colorful, its like my dream life. Chilling with giant friendly animals, drinking coffee, in awesome clothes, sign me up!

Check out the rest of her work at

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Got to go to H&M today, there's only one in the area so its exciting when I get to go. Last time I was really dissapointed by what they had, but this time I couldn't decide what to get! I ended up with these:
Black pompom Hat

Floral Jacket

The hat was on sale for 5$ which is AMAZING. I think I'm going to learn to knit since I keep buying so many sweaters and knit hats, I could probably save a lot of money if I could make my own...

After H&M I went to Barnes and Noble in the hopes of finding Lula, but they couldn't find it even though the computer said that it was in stock, it was very strange. Since they didn't have Lula I bought Lucky and British Vogue. Then sat with a cup of coffee and apple fritter and read them. I really liked Sienna Miller's cover of British Vogue, she looks so naturally pretty. They let her freckles show through and I think that's so much prettier than when people try to hide them.

I had a really wonderful day today, how was yours?